SAP Security Strategies for 2016

3 Reasons Why The C-Suite Should Care About SAP Security

Posted by Kenneth Mewes on Jul 12, 2016 2:05:02 PM

The proliferation of SAP customers, applications, end-users, databases, and access points to SAP systems has caused a monumental increase in attack vectors, (the paths or means by which cyber-attackers can gain access to a computer, network, server, database, or application). 

Accordingly, the likelihood that an SAP system will be attacked and compromised has increased to a highly unacceptable, risk-ridden state. 


1. SAP Apps Are The Backbone of Almost Every Business

  • SAP business solutions are the cornerstone of technology infrastructures in 87 percent of the Forbes Global 2000 companies.
  • More than 245,000 SAP customers are small and medium-size enterprises. 

2. Cyber Criminals Are Targeting SAP Systems 

  • While SAP security technologies have remained relatively stagnant for the past decade, cyber-criminals have become extraordinarily more sophisticated and SAP-savvy. 
  • C-level executives do not yet realize that their enterprise SAP environments are high-value, readily penetrable targets for malicious attackers.

3. Careers; Financial and Reputational Loss Are At Stake

  • Serious consequences result when SAP systems are breached.
  • The Board of Directors, customers, shareholders, employees, and business partners are at unprecedented risk.
  • SAP systems-security should not be permitted to remain at status quo. Too much is at stake.



The ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP provides organizations with the unprecedented ability to monitor, assess, detect, and respond to threats against SAP data and applications, in near real-time. This allows organizations to discover and remediate security and compliance issues before they are exploited by attackers or discovered by auditors.  The most significant benefits are:

  • Recognizes unauthorized changes to SAP systems
  • Increases in attack-surfaces (the sum of the different points of a system that can be attacked by unauthorized users) and risk-postures of SAP environments can be discovered and quelled immediately.
  • Internal and external non-compliance issues brought about by a cyber-attack are quickly identified.
  • SAP auditing and compliance costs are significantly reduced, while the entire process has been made dramatically more efficient.



New technologies now enable C-level executives and their IT security, compliance, and auditing teams to reduce or prevent SAP-related cyber-attacks while protecting the most valued corporate assets, in a fashion that could not be achieved heretofore using traditional and less-advanced methods.

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The C-Suite Guide to SAP Security

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This paper introduces senior executives to (a) the real-world risk factors associated with inadequate SAP security, (b) the consequences of allowing traditional SAP security measures to remain status quo, and (c) the benefits of deploying an advanced SAP security and compliance solution. 

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