SAP Security Strategies for 2016

33 SAP Targets for Cyber-Criminals

Posted by Kenneth Mewes on Jul 12, 2016 2:03:07 PM

The proprietary and confidential data associated with critical SAP business functions that resides on corporate databases, as well as the applications themselves, are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Accordingly, critical SAP applications and associated data have become primary cyber-targets.

The consequences of an SAP-based attack could range from entire departments and business operations being shut down, to stealing proprietary corporate and personal information, to falsifying corporate records, espionage, lawsuits, bad publicity, loss of competitive advantage, and so forth. 

The business-critical applications that could be affected by a cyber-attack on a single SAP system or conglomeration of interrelated SAP systems are highlighted in the table below: “Business Operations That Could Be Disrupted by an SAP Breach.” All data relevent to these applications could also be breached. Therefore, SAP security should be of paramount concern to the C-suite.



The advanced ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP provides organizations with an unprecedented ability to monitor, assess, detect, and respond to threats against SAP data and applications, in near real-time. This allows organizations to discover and remediate security and compliance issues before they are exploited by attackers.  The most significant benefits are:

  • Recognizes unauthorized changes to SAP systems
  • Increases in attack-surfaces (the different points of a system that can be attacked by unauthorized users) and risk-postures of SAP environments can be discovered and quelled immediately.


New technologies now enable C-level executives to optimally protect SAP business critical operations and corporate assets, efficiently; in a way that could not previously be achieved using traditional, less sophisticated methods.

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The C-Suite Guide to SAP Security

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This paper introduces senior executives to (a) the real-world risk factors associated with inadequate SAP security, (b) the consequences of allowing traditional SAP security measures to remain status quo, and (c) the benefits of deploying an advanced SAP security and compliance solution. 

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