C-Suite Security Perspectives

2015-06-whitepaperThe Business and Economic Value of Advanced SAP Security Solutions


This paper introduces senior executives to (a) the risk factors associated with inadequate SAP security, (b) the consequences of allowing traditional SAP security measures to remain status quo, and (c) the benefits of deploying an advanced SAP security and compliance solution.

Representative key issues addressed in this white paper include:

  • Which C-level executives should be concerned about SAP security and why?
  • Why are SAP applications such highly valued cyber-targets?
  • Why are SAP systems and related data so susceptible to cyber-attacks?
  • What is the corporate exposure? What is your personal exposure? What exactly is at risk?
  • Which business operations and stakeholders are affected by SAP security breaches and what are the consequences?
  • How can the advanced SAP security platform protect you, your business, and your stakeholders?